A new breed of electronic faucets is being introduced by The Chicago Faucet Co. The Galileo series of faucets was designed with ultra high-tech infrared and diagnostic technology using embedded intelligence designed by Synapse Inc. These faucets will replace the Eagle Eye XT line in Chicago Faucets' product portfolio as the premier institutional electronic faucet and will be comparably priced to the XT.

Pairing the infrared technology with the newly developed software, Synapse Commander advances the diagnostic capabilities of the Galileo faucet. When installed on a Palm Pilot, Synapse Commander enables users to identify problems with the faucet by pointing the Palm Pilot at the infrared sensor on the faucet. It also allows users to scan a room full of faucets and detect infrared signals emitted by the sensors on the faucets to isolate any faucet that needs attention.

Once a faucet with a problem is located, the software enables diagnosis of the problem via the Palm Pilot display.

Synapse Commander is also useful for specifying settings, such as the range of sensitivity of the sensor. It can also be used to set the metering of water consumption.

The infrared sensor on the Galileo line has been improved in several ways. Ambient infrared interference is a problem for many faucets that have infrared sensors, but the Galileo's sensor is designed to measure ambient interference and adjust itself accordingly, saving water and ensuring the faucet will work properly in all environments. The sensor can determine environmental factors, such as the faucet's position in a room and the lighting factors affecting the faucet, and again, adjusts itself accordingly.

The sensor can also be fine-tuned to accommodate a variety of uses. For example, an operating room faucet may need to release water before a hand is directly underneath the faucet.

The Galileo faucets are more vandal-resistant than their predecessors. A smaller electronics box, steel sheath cables and extra screws on the sensor collar make the Galileo faucets much more rugged.

The Galileo faucet can use four "AA" batteries, which provide up to two years of life. The faucet is also hardwired for AC use.