Plumbing and Mechanical

Sloan Products Receive Green Restaurant Association Endorsement

May 3, 2006
Five products from Sloan Valve Co. received endorsement by the Green Restaurant Association for helping the industry become environmentally sustainable:

  • 1 gpf FLUSHMATE IV - saves at least 0.6 gallons with each flush;

  • UpperCut Dual-Flush Retrofit Handle WES-212 - saves up to 0.5 gallons when flushing liquid waste;

  • Optima Solis Faucet EAF-275 - has a 0.5 gpm aerator and is solar-powered;

  • Waterfree Urinal Model WES-100 - has the potential to save tens of thousands of water annually; and

  • Sloan XLerator hand dryer - can save 80 percent energy, compared to other dryers.

The Green Restaurant Association, a national nonprofit organization, provides services in research, consulting, education, marketing and community organizing, an involves restaurants, manufacturers, vendors, grassroots organizations, government, media and restaurant customers.