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'Danke Schoen!' Plumber Lassoes Singer's Wallaby

June 1, 2003
Plumbing contractor Harry Sullard captured Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton's pet wallaby.

Sullard happened to be near the singer's home early one morning when his son called to tell him a kangaroo was on the loose. Priscilla, a female adult wallaby, was described by press accounts as "a fiesty marsupial with clawed fingers and powerful legs."

After spotting Priscilla, Sullard sprang into action. He grabbed a lasso from his truck and took off on foot. Sullard, a self-described cowboy, finally captured the pet after a two-mile chase. Animal control officers later returned the animal to Newton.

After the capture, Sullard called his wife to recount the adventure. "She thought I'd been drinking," he said.